Recommended humus doses to obtain great harvests



Pip and stone fruit trees


Peach, apricot, cherry, pear, olive trees, citrics, etc.



Bury around 600 - 1000 gr. at approximately 15 - 30 cm. deep and about 45 cm. from de stock.


Bury around 2 - 5 kg. at approximately 15 - 30 cm. deep and 55 cm. away from de stock, according to age and size of the tree.

Fertilize the whole lot

From 200 - 400 gr/m2 doses. Plough later.



Young grapevine

Bury around 500 - 700 gr. in touch with the root.

Normal stocks

Bury around 400 - 600 gr. next to the root.


Bury around 600 - 2000 gr. at approximately 15 - 30 cm. deep and 50 cm. away from the stock.

Tall grapevine

Bury around 2 - 5 kg. at approximately 15 - 30 cm. deep and 50 cm. away from the stock.

Fertilize the whole lot

200 to 500 gr/m2 doses. To plough later.

Horticultural crois


Tomatos, melons, watermelons, peppers, cucumbers, harrows, onions, carrots, legumes, beet, potatoes, etc.

Bury before sowing around 250 gr/m along the plough ruts.

You can also dig a hole fertilize with 100 gr. of humus and then plant. When riding the plant fertilize with 50 gr. at each side.

When fertilizing the whole lot the doses should be between 250 - 300 gr/m2., then plough.



Corn, barley, wheat, soya-bean, chicl-peas, sunflowers, etc.

Fertilizing the whole lot with doses of 150 - 200 gr/m2. Then sow and plough.

Corn must be fertilized with nitrogen when the plant is between 50 and 60 cm. high.

Gardens, flowerpots or similar



Between 1 and 2 kg. per tree and year.

Rosebushes and similar

Between 200 and 300 gr/m2 twice a year, one in winter and another in summer.

Carnations and similar

From 200 to 300 gr/m2: to fertilize the whole lot mixing with soil before sowing. Spread between 100 - 200 gr/m2 twice a year and then water abundantly.

Pot plants or similar

Fertilize digging a hole in the soil with doses between 20 - 40 gr. 3 or 4 times a year.

Dripping irrigation crops



Place the amount of humus in the bulb digging a hole; the doses must be in accordance with the crop.




Mix around 15 - 30 % of humus with peat or similar product to be used.

Final remarks


It is recommended, when planting trees, to better the rooting lump with a mixture of humus before introducing it in the soil.

It is advisable as well not to expose the humus to the sun light wich would kill the bacterias. In addition it would lose the degree of humidity when not duly packet.



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