HUMUSINA - Worm pure humus

Humus de Lombriz - Substratos Vegetales






Recommended humus doses to obtain great harvests

Specially developed for intensive crops; floriculture, horticulture, arboriculture, etc. Adequate for amateur or professional gardening.

Worm pure Humus

From several excrements: cow, horse, goat, ox, etc., with the properties:

The mineral substances are released slowly, providing the plant with a constant feeding source during the whole vegetative period.

It increases the potential active oxide extract favouring the phisical chemical balance relevant for the plant absortion of the micro and macro elements.

It doesn' provide salinity to the soil.

It increases the inmunologic capacity and the plant resistence to drought.

It anticipates and prolonges the flowering and fructification period of the plant.

It anticipates fruit ripeneses.

It improves the porosity and consequently the soil ventilation.

It avoids almost completely the transplant "sock".

It protects and accelerates the plants roots.

It disolves the clay soils and joins the sandy soils.

It protects the Nitrogen an Potassium assimilation and the phosphorus solubility or solubilitation; that way, chemical fertilizers are not so indispensable.

It neutralizes the eventual presence of poluter.

After useless treatments such as bromide, steam, etc. the Humus can restore the soil agronomical stratum.


Total Nitrogen (N)

1,6 - 2,3 %

Total Phosphorus (P)

1,4 - 1,9 %

Total Potassium (K)

1,4 - 1,9 %

Calcium (Ca)

1,3 - 6,9 %

Neutral Ph

7,0 - 7, 2

Maximun Humidity

40 %

It has also all the nutrients (Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, Copper, Manganese, etc.) for the correct development of the plant. It gives the soil a high percentage of organic substances, useful for the crop maintenance.

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